Padrón has confirmed that a 6″ x 60 size in the 1964 Anniversary Series is being made and will be known as the Patriarch. (Update: Padrón changed the name from Patriarch to No. 4 due to Perdomo’s existing Patriarch brand.) The extension first made its debut last year as part of Smoke Inn’s 15th anniversary celebrations in the form of the Padrón 1964 SI-15 Maduro and 1964 SI-15 Natural.

Ever since their release early last year, rumors of the cigar becoming a regular production extension have persisted. Those were put to rest on Tuesday at an event attended by Jorge Padrón at Famous Smoke Shop’s Leaf. Guests indicated that 15 individually numbered boxes of 15 cigars were at that event and that Padrón had announced that the regular release will begin around April.

Padrón Inc. has confirmed that the Patriarch is a new size, but has yet to comment on any other details surrounding the release. Jorge Padrón is scheduled to be a guest on Smoke Inn’s Kiss My Ash Radio show tomorrow at 10:00 AM.

Update: On Smoke Inn’s Kiss My Ash Radio show on Saturday, Jan. 28, Jorge Padrón confirmed that the Patriarch would be coming to the 1964 Anniversary Series. “We’ve been looking at the trends in the cigar business… and in this particular case we felt we need to understand the market and know what people want, and one of the things that we’ve noticed that has been happening for quite some time is the increase in demand for the biggest ring gauge cigars,” Padrón said. The company doesn’t currently offer a regular production cigar in a ring gauge bigger than 56 in the 1964 Anniversary Series line.

He noted that the Patriarch will have the same core flavor profile as the rest of the line, but added that as with all the cigars in the line, the Patriarch’s vitola will deliver its own unique flavor profile.

Padrón said the Patriarch is expected to be available in “probably three to four months,” though he did not commit to a specific date in the interview. He did say that production has started on it.

On January 30th, David Savona published an article indicating that Padrón had changed the name from Patriarch to No. 4. The reason behind the move is trademark concerns with the Perdomo Patriarch, something that had been noted by a few people.

In addition, Jorge Padrón told Savona, “no plans to add a 6 by 60 size to the Padrón Serie 1926 line.”

We originally published on Saturday that there would be a 6 x 60 coming to the 1926 Serie line. This was based off the following statement Jorge Padrón made on Kiss My Ash Radio:

In both the Anniversary and in the 1926 Serie we don’t have any cigars over 56 ring gauge, so the idea now is to introduce something in the 60 for the Anniversary, and then down the line we’re going to do something in the ’26 as well.

It should be noted that there were actually 15 boxes of Padrón 6 x 60s released on Tuesday under the name Patriarch.

Also on Saturday, Padrón also noted that the company is working on a cigar that will come out in 2014 to commemorate the company’s 50th anniversary, and is also looking at more releases under the José L. Piedra name.

Padrón Inc. has released a limited amount of cigars under this name since August 2010, but Padrón said that the company has “some ideas we’re working on” and said that the Jose L. Piedra brand is “an ace in our sleeve.” He added that down the road there’s going to be more introductions of cigars bearing the José L. Piedra name, which shares its name with a Cuban brand available around the world and is one of the few trademarks of active Cuban brands not owned by either Habanos S.A./Altadis and General Cigar Co. in the U.S., the other notable one being Fonseca owned by the Quesada family.

Patrick Lagreid contributed to this story.

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