Coming to future Tatuaje events, The Little Church. Pete Johnson of Tatuaje/Havana Cellars Inc. has announced plans for an event only classic Robusto named La Petite Eglise. In an interview on Stogie Review, Johnson spoke about the release, which is inspired by the Flor de Cano Short Churchill, a cigar that debuted in 1987 before being discontinued in 1992.

“I want to use it as a teaching machine to teach people that the look of the cigar,” said Johnson to Stogie Review. “I don’t want people totally eat with their eyes, I want them to understand what a classic cigar looks like. It is something that is going to be more medium, not full, it won’t have any ligero in it. There are a couple of components in the blend that I like to use a lot that give a little kick up in strength…but it won’t be over the top strong, it will just be classic.”

While most details are still unknown. Retailers will be able to purchase a certain number of boxes of the La Petite Eglise to sell to consumers at Tatuaje events as early as later this year. While the box counts and exact numbers available remain unknown, Johnson told halfwheel pricing will be “around $9.00” per cigar.

This is not the first time Tatuaje has released event-only cigars. Johnson released a three-pack of Tatuaje Black Label Robustos in 2008.

While Johnson describes the event release of La Petite Eglise as some time between late this year or early 2014, the cigar will be included as part of the 2013 Saints & Sinners kit, a collection of cigars sent to members of Tatuaje’s fan club and private forum.

(Editor’s Note: The proper French translation includes an accent on Église. Johnson has referred to the name of the cigar without the accent.)

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