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Daniel Marshall was back with his extravagant humidors this year, but the new one that he was showing off was a little more subdued.

Marshall himself though was not subdued, in fact he was quite excited to talk about a humidor and a journey that started 35 years ago.

Daniel Marshall 35th Anniversary Whisky Cigar Humidor
35 years ago Marshall made his first humidor, one that set him down a path to make the unique and high end humidors he does today.

The first humidor held a bottle of Dunhill whisky in one half, with room on the other side for cigars, along with an analog hygrometer and a primitive humidification system that consisted of vials with adjustable openings to allow the water to evaporate into the air. After he decided he wanted to make a special 35th anniversary humidor, he went looking for it in his warehouse and found it, which was the first time he had seen the humidor in 20 years.

The new humidor pays homage to that, with an insert to hold a bottle of whisky and nosing glasses that can be removed to use the humidor just for cigars if so desired – something the original humidor didn’t really allow with the specific slot for a bottle of Dunhill whisky.

Features and contents of the humidor include:

  • Insert made out of Japanese pig suede leather, with a numbered 35th Anniversary plate
  • A bottle of Glenfiddich 21 Year Old, signed by Daniel Marshall and Kirsten Grant Meikle, the great-great-granddaughter of Glenfiddich founder William Grant and current Director of William Grant and Sons UK.
  • Two Glenfiddich nosing glasses
  • Five DM Red Label Glenfiddich Pairing Cigar, which were blended in collaboration with Glenfiddich and Nestor Plasencia and meant to pair with Glenfiddich whisky.
  • 10 Daniel Marshall Red Label Churchills
  • Holds 125 cigars with the whisky tray removed
  • Features a digital hygrometer and a slot for a Boveda humidification pack
  • Only 100 made
  • Retails for $1,995

Also, after watching the video above, if you need to reach out to Daniel Marshall for any reason, you can email him at [email protected]

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