Last week, I had the pleasure of photographing cigar legend Jorge Padrón for my Icons of Cigars series when he made a stop into Dallas (actually Rockwall) at one of the best B&M shops around, En Fuego. Great atmosphere, great people and a great layout for the shop made for a wonderful time.

Talking with him, Jorge seemed at once to be larger then life, but was also extremely approachable. He talked to everyone for hours about this and that and took tons of photos with everyone, and while I did not know what I was thinking he would be like (I had never met him), for someone in his position in the industry, he was very affable. If you have not seen this interview with him, it is a very interesting read.

For this portrait, I wanted something that showed the intensity that I could feel coming off him in waves when we spoke, so I decided to shoot a photo with no distracting elements at all in the frame, that way, you (the viewer) are forced to concentrate on just him.

Jorge Padrón.png

Thanks to Jorge for giving me the time needed to shoot this portrait, and as always, to A.J. for holding the light.

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