September 17, 2014

Espinosa & Cigar Dojo Partner for Sarsaparilla

Cigar Dojo will be getting another cigar made for it. This time, it comes from Espinosa Premium Cigars, one of the larger supporters of the...
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Oliva Serie V Maduro Grows In Size for 2014 (Update)

Oliva Cigar Co. has changed its mind, turns out the Oliva Serie V Maduro Especial 2014 will be a 6 x 60. It was originally...
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Neanderthal (Prerelease)

As is the norm for RoMa Craft Tobac, Skip Martin’s been teasing Neanderthal for a while. It’s been apparent for most of the year that...
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General Cigar Co. Acquires Leccia Tobacco Portfolio

Sam Leccia is heading to General Cigar Co. Leccia, confirmed to halfwheel that he was joining General Cigar Co. and that the company would be...
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