March 1, 2014

Alaska’s Smoking Ban Could Grow with New Bill

A bill to expand Alaska’a existing smoking ban been introduced in the state House of Representatives, and specifies a list of additional places where lighting...
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Vineland, N.J. Bans Smoking on Public Property (Update)

Smoking in public parks in Vineland, N.J. could be illegal before the end of next month. The Vineland City Council voted unanimously to ban smoking...
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Vermont Delays Debate on Raising Tobacco Purchase Age

Representatives in the Vermont House of Representatives are delaying a discussion to be had on whether or not to raise the minimum age to purchase...
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Wellesley, Mass. Raises Tobacco Purchase Age to 21

The Wellesley, Mass. Board of Health recently amended its regulation on the sale of tobacco and nicotine products to increase the minimum age to purchase...
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