HVC Cigars

HVC 500 Years Anniversary Tesoros

The first size in the line that celebrates Havana’s 500th anniversary gets a redux after nearly three years in the humidor.

HVC 500 Years Anniversary Salomon

The fourth addition to HVC’s HVC 500 Years Anniversary line is the 6 3/4 x 56 Salomon that debuted as an exclusive release for retailers who ordered it during the 2022 PCA Convention & Trade Show.

HVC Selección No. 1 Esenciales

The HVC Selección No. 1 is one of the strongest cigars on sale today.

San Isidro Geniales

HVC’s San Isidro line is named after a street in Havana where an infamous Cuban gangster was murdered. After nearly six years in a humidor, Charlie Minato reviews a cigar from the original release.

HVC Black Friday 2021

If there is one word to describe how my family generally celebrates the holidays, it is “chill.” We try and keep things as low key…

HVC 10th Anniversary

It would be easy to start this review like many others, with a cigar company celebrating an anniversary with a new limited edition. That is…

HVC Hot Cake Gran Cañon

In July 2020, HVC Cigars announced a follow-up line to its Pan Caliente, a limited edition release that debuted in 2016. The HVC Hot Cake, is…

HVC Black Friday 2020 Corona Gorda

Black Friday, particularly in 2020, doesn’t have the same sort of hysteria it once did. I remember the days when part of Thanksgiving would be…

HVC 500 Years Anniversary Selectos

Even the cigar companies that don’t want to be associated with Cuba seem to never get completely away from the island that made cigars famous….

HVC 500 Years Anniversary

It seems like we’ve written about more anniversary cigars in recent weeks than I care to remember. From company and store anniversaries to personal anniversaries…

HVC Serie A Perlas

Cigars have been named after any number of things through the years, but the newest line from HVC Cigars gets its moniker from the grade…