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Announcement: (The) Contest: 25 Days of halfwheel Winner

Thanks to the overwhelming amount of comments, likes and fun we had at the halfwheel Holiday Party Pt. II, it took a little longer than...
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(The) Contest Day 25: Custom Blend by Charlie (Joya de Nicaragua)

It only seemed fitting to give you one last custom blend, since we’ve already put up both a Cigar Safari (Drew Estate) and Joya de...
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(The) Contest Day 24: Cain Special Release 550

Created with a special batch of Ligero, the Nicaraguan puro was one of two limited edition STUDIO TOBAC raffle cigars limited to just 80 boxes...
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(The) Contest Day 23: Drew Estate Cigar Safari Blend (Brooks)

So here’s the deal. I smoked it. Brooks smoked it. You should too, but maybe give it a few months. The Corona Gorda has a...
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(The) Contest Day 22: León Jimenes Don Fernando No.4

It’s the grandaddy of the Fernando León and not even close to the same cigar, arguably the best cigar to come out of La Aurora’s...
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(The) Contest Day 21: Illusione Singularé 2010 Phantom

Dion Giolito makes a lot of good cigars and by our estimations, this might be his best. The Singularé Phantom was an unbelievable cigar in...
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(The) Contest Day 20: Liga Privada Único Serie Velvet Rat

There’s not much more I have to say about Velvet Rat that wasn’t in my review, for me, it very well might replace the Dirty Rat...
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(The) Contest Day 19: OpusX Angel’s Share Phantom

Prerelease OpusX. Check. Non-production vitola. Check. Phantom. Check. It’s a brand new OpusX in my personal favorite vitola, Fuente’s Lancero. For more info on the...
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(The) Contest Day 18: Drew Estate Cigar Safari Blend (Charlie)

It’s not the infamous el niño diablo Lanceros, but it is a custom blend by your’s truly. Much like Brooks’ blend at Joya de Nicaragua,...
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(The) Contest Day 17: E.P. Carrillo Short Run 2010 No. 4

Sometimes magic happens. You take a blend we love, the E.P. Carrillo Short 2010, and a size we love, Corona—and they are put together. Made...
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(The) Contest Day 16: Arturo Fuente Destino al Siglo Robusto

It’s the blend created for the 100th anniversary of Arturo Fuente, although it won’t be out until next year, Fuente’s 101st anniversary. There isn’t a...
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