We are fifty-five days out from the start of the IPCPR tradeshow in Las Vegas. Brands are quietly showing off their “secret” unannounced products for the show, nightlife is being planned, and, there is still zero word on bloggers and their status in the show. I don’t plan on commenting on the details of the issue or the pros and cons, but, at some point the IPCPR will need to actually announce a decision on new media and their status. That is all. — el niño diablo.

  • Tatuaje Saints & Sinners Goes Live — $150, not limited, more info here.
  • C.A.O. La Traviata Maduro Adds Two Sizes — The Maduro version of the La Traviata will get the Favorito (5 1/2 x 52 Figurado) and Animado (5 5/8 x 46, which is called “Lonsdale” although it really is a traditional Corona Gorda.) Savona gets credit for this one.
  • Liga Privada Feral Pig — Not much info on this now, but SmokingStogie apparently has more on this later today. It’s a bigger “Flying Pig” and to be released that the July rendition of IPCPR in Las Vegas.
  • JFR 770LE — 1,000 boxes of Just For Retailers 7 x 70 will be sold at $7.70 per cigar.
  • Fonseca CXX Details Emerge — It’s already out, but details. Three sizes, boxes of twenty, forty-thousand cigars released per size. Corona (6 3/8 x 46) retails for $6.50; Robusto (5 7/8 x 52) runs $7.50; and Gordo (4 7/8 x 60) costs $7.95. (All before applicable local taxes.) It’s a Dominican sungrown wrapper with a Dominican binder over Dominican and Nicaraguan fillers.

Illusione ~ultra~ band.png

  • Illusione, Let the Conspiracy Continue — Dion Giolito tweeted the above picture and the message “I’ll give you guys a sneak-peek at one new cigar line. No more info will follow until IPCPR.” Apparently, the ~mkultra~ will “introduce” the line.
  • $3 6 x 60? — MATASA/SAG Imports plans on introducing these at some point, likely without a band.
  • UK 2011 Releases Confirmed — Trevor Leask claims that the Bolívar Britanicas and the Punch Medalla de Oro Dobles have been confirmed, more info here.
  • IPCPR 2012, to Orlando — Corona Cigar Co.’s Jeff Borysiewicz made it officially official, or at least as much as one can on Twitter.

ACID Kuba Kuba 2011 Ad.png

  • Above is a new ACID ad, credit where credit is due.

Rodrigo Boutique Blend.png

  • Rodrigo has a new 5 1/2 x 60 Belicoso, part of the “Boutique Blend,” can’t wait.
  • Para Japón by La Aurora has shipped.

My Father Cigars Miami 1.png

My Father Cigars Miami 2.png

  • Above is the new home of My Father Cigars Miami, set to open after the show, August or so.

New Padilla Bands.png

  • Padilla has a new band, shocked? This time it’s for the Miami and a few others.

Oliveros King Havano Black Knight.png

I’m not really sure how to preface this… enjoy?

MIAMI, May 17, 2011 /PRNewswire/ — Cigars and Girls, a combination that signifies the classic “Men’s Night Out,” has upped the level of indulgence to Female Cigar Rollers or the Cigar Dolls™ as these ladies are appropriately named.

These cigar rolling femininas are attractive, cigar knowledgeable and have been quietly rolling cigars for only the top tier VIP events in: Boston, Chicago, Dallas, Fort Lauderdale, Hollywood, Houston, Las Vegas,Los Angeles, Miami, Palm Beach, Fl and San Francisco.

The Cigar Dolls™ create a, “no brainer” alternative when compared to the older, male cigar rollers. The interest that’s stirred by guests along with the Dolls’ attractive presence have made these female cigar rolling maestros underground celebrities. Images of the female cigar rollers are at www.CigarDolls.com.

“Guests are taken back when they find out that I know anything about cigars, much less that I’m rolling them,” said company spokesperson and Cigar Doll™, Mia Foley. “I was also surprised to see the women at the events asking the most questions,” said Foley.

Most people have never seen an attractive woman roll a cigar and that’s the spark that ignited the Cigar Dolls™ flame. “Who can say they’ve ever seen a good looking girl roll a cigar?” asks Foley.

A photo shoot at the Doral PGA Golf Resort along with frequent events at the Fontainebleu in Miami, launched Cigar Dolls™ events in South Beach. The Cigar Dolls™ were immediately requested by guests and planners for elite events and soon found themselves rolling cigars in all of the major cities.

Hollywood events, Fortune 500 guest lists, Vegas Casinos and cigar aficionados across the country have been booking the Cigar Dolls™ for their “look,” and you won’t find cheap stogies here. The cigars that are offered are only top level brands which are intentionally presented to weed out the “frat party” type events.

“The cigars are strictly premium,” said Foley. “But no matter how good the cigars are, we still seem to get the attention,” she adds with a wink.

The company is poised for their upcoming press campaign including TV appearances and VIP events. Event inquiries must have confirmed event dates and locations. www.CigarDolls.com will be the Internet contact portal for event inquiries.

Cigar Dolls™


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