Altadis U.S.A. Begins Shipping $150 Montecristo

The number of new cigar releases with MSRPs over the $100 mark continues to increase. In addition to this creation from Altadis, there have been numerous Cuban cigars from Habanos S.A. and Rocky Patel’s Conviction, as well as the Arturo Fuente & Padron Legends collaboration. Sure, there are always going to be people who can afford top-of-the-line products without a second thought, but with inflation continuing to affect the monthly budgets of so many consumers in significant ways, I will be interested to see if some of these releases end up sitting on shelves.

JM Tobacco Española Year of the Dragon on the Way to Stores

Having said the above, JM Tobacco’s first Chinese Zodiac-inspired cigar—which carries an MSRP of $13 each—is priced well below the vast majority of  Year of the Dragon releases from other manufacturers. That list includes Davidoff’s Year of the Dragon ($89 each), El Septimo’s Vartan the Dragon ($98 each), the La Galera Year of the Dragon ($38 each) and the Oliva Year of the Dragon ($35 each), among others. While it is not the cheapest Year of the Dragon creation—that award goes to General Cigar Co.’s Punch Dragon Fire—it is refreshing to see that consumers have multiple options priced under the $20 mark.

Dominique London Opens La Casa del Habano in Canary Islands

Located in Puerto Rico de Gran Canaria, Las Palmas, this brand-new La Casa del Habano store that opened on May 30 features an extensive walk-in humidor, client lockers, and what is described as a “comfortable sampling area.” With recent price increases from Habanos S.A. and ongoing inventory issues that continue to have major effects on large numbers of different retailers selling Cuban cigars around the world, I do wonder how many non-Cuban cigars this new store was selling when it opened its doors, and if that number will increase in the future.

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