StogieReview decided that it would become the place to break all news regarding cigar shops closing up. First, Walt White informed us that Demuth Tobacco Shop, the country’s oldest cigar shop (founded in 1770), was not just temporarily closing, but shutting down for good. A few days later Jerry Cruz announced that his home shop, W. Curtis Draper would be buying Bethesda Tobacco, he speculated it would help solve their inability to smoke in their own shop. With the closing of Demuth, W. Curtis Draper will now be the country’s third oldest (active) cigar shop. In some good news, props to Nickelbys Smoke Ring for sending cigars to the troops.

Above are pictures (via Stephen Mahley, Perdomo’s rep for the bread basket states) of the new Perdomo Conmemorativo, no clue as to any details other than that it is a Nicaraguan puro, given packaging is already done… soon is the word that comes to mind. Panacea added a new Corona to their Red Line. Skip Martin told me that his new line CroMagnon line will receive a fifth size, the 6 x 54 Cranium. At least some of the line is scheduled to see customers this month. Viaje is releasing another batch of their Exclusivo Chiquito. In 2009, Andre Farkas chose two stores to receive the special Figurados, and it’s that time again. Tower Cigars in California Cigar-ette City, a retail shop with sixteen locations in Delaware will each receive fifty boxes of the 4 7/8 x 51 Figurado. The release is a bit wider than before. For those that don’t know (including myself), this is a release that is done every two years. A birdie tells me it should be in shops by the end of this week.

On Friday, our first “State of the Brand” (although we did do State of Habanos) was published, this one on 601. You can read it here, but in short:

  • New bands for 601
  • 601 Black isn’t coming back
  • New 601 White coming soon, lighter 601 with a Connecticut wrapper, made by Pepin
  • Other “interesting” projects in the works

And on Saturday… the State of Tatuaje.

  • Tatuaje 109 – the next LE. Based of the Montecristo Edmundo Dante. Based on the Verocu blend, 300 boxes with a Rosado wrapper and 100 with Reserva. Made for Federal Cigars 90th Anniversary should be out in late February or March
  • Actor’s Series – no release for 2011
  • Tatuaje Avion – An annual box-pressed Perfecto release of the Fausto
  • Fausto – Based off the T110 blend, out in July in three sizes, none of which are the Petit Robusto
  • La Casita Criolla – 100% CT. Broadleaf. Out in July in three sizes all under $7.
  • Meat Locker – Postponed
  • Monster Series – The Wolf is still on
  • P Series – Coming back in three sizes, national release, Sumatra wrapper. If Pete gets his way, it will be close to $3
  • Tatuaje is contesting Nicaraguan Imports’ (Cuban Crafters) filing for the “Tattoo” trademark when it comes to cigars.
  • Tatuaje was apparently featured a lot in Country Strong

In terms of rights and taxes, it’s also been a busy week. Indiana’s proposed smoking ban should have exemptions including casinos and cigar shops. At the same time, the IPCPR is fighting a similar ban in Kentucky. In New York, a couple is suing their neighbor for second-hand smoke.

There was an interesting article about Lilly Wang, a star in the Shanghai cigar scene.

Finally, below is a picture of el niño diablo. It was shot by Brooks of I’ve long contended that if I could only read/view one site, it would be that of Brooks and Steve. While spending time in Dallas, Brooks and I hung out with some other folk at the new Elite Cigar Café in Addison (formerly Cigar Shop & More… by the way, the kettle chips with blue cheese are really good) Brooks is a pro photographer by trade and with a little help from one of the waitresses, who held the small light, the following was created. Make sure to check out SmokingStogie, maybe the L. J. Peretti review will be up, haha. In all seriousness, a huge thanks to Brooks for this, I am by no means an Icon in any shape or form. It’s an honor to be included amongst a group who have massively changed the industry such as Sam Leccia, Manuel Quesada, Benji Menendez, Jorge Padrón, Pete Johnson and Jose “Don Pepin” Garcia; I am awkward out of place… sort of like when I wear that coat.

P.S. Check out this deal, they don’t even sponsor our site… it’s that good.

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