Last year, Dunbarton Tobacco & Trust announced that its Todos Las Días Thick Lonsdale “Mas Fuerte” would return in 2023. Now, that time is near.

Dunbarton Tobacco & Trust expects to begin shipping the cigars as soon as next week. The Todos Las Días Thick Lonsdale “Mas Fuerte”—introduced in 2018—is a 6 x 46 lonsdale that uses a modified version of the regular Todos Las Días blend. It is still made entirely of Nicaraguan tobacco at the Joya de Nicaragua factory but a mistake in the production process created a stronger cigar.

“When originally blending the Todos Las Dias liga there were two finished core blends comprised of the same tobaccos, but with different proportions,” said Steve Saka, Dunbarton Tobacco & Trust’s founder, in a press release in 2018. “Ultimately, I selected the one I felt worked best in the original formats to be released and relegated the other to my blending diary. When it came time to add the Thick Lonsdale to the line, I inadvertently gave them the recipe for the stronger iteration. In their defense, the factory asked me to verify the blend twice, but I managed to still muck it up and authorized them to produce 200 boxes as instructed. I didn’t actually realize my mistake until I was smoking the post production cigars for quality control purposes. Right away I knew something was askew.”

The MSRP is set at $13.25 per cigar and is limited to 1,200 boxes of 10 cigars.

In late 2021, Saka announced that the entire Todos Las Días line would be placed on “indefinite hiatus” because he could not source enough tobacco to make the blend properly.

It is returning as part of Dunbarton Tobacco & Trust’s new Archive Series, a vehicle for the company to bring back discontinued—or on hiatus—cigars as a limited release.

“As I have always said, it is my job to put cigars in boxes that people want. I do not intentionally limit anything,” said Saka. “But only if we can produce it at the same quality and consistency. And this became unsustainable for our (Todos Las Días) liga in 2020/2021 – so its production ceased. However, I did have enough of the exact leaf we needed to do a small batch production run of (Todos Las Días), so we crafted it in my favorite vitola – the Thick Lonsdale.”

Saka indicated that this would be the only batch of the Todos Las Días Thick Lonsdale “Mas Fuerte” in 2023 and there would likely not be another one in 2024. That said, there will be a second Archive Series release for 2023—a different cigar—which will be announced ahead of the 2023 PCA Convention & Trade Show.

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