We’ve hinted about it a few times before, but today officially begins our holiday contest—(The) Contest: 25 Days of halfwheel. This post should cover everything you need to know about this, although if you are hoping to know why the is in parentheses, you are out of luck.

The Basics
(The) Contest is pretty simple: we are giving away a 25-cigar sampler; each day, for the next 25 days, we will post a picture of a cigar that will be part of the sampler via our Facebook page; you can comment and/or like the picture on our Facebook page; on the 26th day, December 21, 2012, we will announce a winner.

What’s Up for Grabs
It’s stuff you’d expect from halfwheel. Limited editions that can’t be found, prereleases for some of the most exciting cigars of the year (or next year), things that are simply unavailable and never will be—some of the cigars we are giving away Brooks and I haven’t even smoked.

Who Can Play
You have to be on Facebook. You have to have liked halfwheel’s page as a whole. You have to be of legal age to smoke.

How it Works
In case you missed the above, here’s what you need to do:

  1. Like our Facebook Page. If you don’t do this, you cannot win. This will get you one entry.
  2. Like this post, the one for the article entitled, “(The) Contest: 25 Days of halfwheel” on our Facebook page. This will get you your second entry.
  3. Comment on this post. This is your third entry.
  4. Like the post for each additional cigar added to the sampler. There will be one a day, they all will be titled the same way: (The Contest) Day <#>: <Name of Cigar>. You can do this for each of the 25 entries, so this can put you at 28 entries if you do it each day.
  5. Comment on each one of the 25 entry posts. You can comment as much as you’d like on each post, but you will only be counted for one comment. This can give you a total of 53 entries.

How We Will Pick a Winner

  1. We will use random.org to select a number: 1-27. Each number will correspond to the post, i.e. a six would mean the post from the sixth day of the contest, December 1, would be the one we would select.
  2. If a 1-26 is drawn, we will use random.org to select between one and two. A one would mean we will select amongst the likes, a two will mean we will select amongst the comments.
    1. A 26 will mean we will select from the likes/comments on Facebook of this post.
  3. If 27 is drawn, we will choose between the likes to the halfwheel Facebook page.
  4. We will number the likes or comments from oldest to newest and use random.org to pick a winner from there. We will then make sure that winner has liked the halfwheel Facebook page, if they have not, we will draw again.
  5. The goal is to have the cigars in the mail on the 21st, meaning if you are in the CONUS you should have them by Christmas Eve.

But I’m Only Twitter
Yeah, I’m not really on Facebook either.

Additional Rules:

  1. You must be 18 years of age or over AND the legal age to possess tobacco in your respective address.
  2. Prizes have no cash value.
  3. halfwheel is not responsible for prizes damaged or lost in transit.
  4. Occasionally cigars go missing, get damaged before we ship or other natural disasters occur, we reserve the right to replace a prize winning with something of equal or more value. In the event of replacement, winners will be notified before replacements are shipped.
  5. Winners must claim prize by emailing [email protected] within 72 hours of a winner being announced. Winners will be announced via a comment at the designated date for when contests end, it is all participants responsibility to determine if they have won.
  6. All winners for random contests will be selected using Random.org or equivalent. Contests where winners are not selected at random will be specifically noted.
  7. Additional rules beyond what it is stated on this page will be explicitly stated on contests where additional rules apply.
  8. By entering a contest, you accept the terms and conditions stated above.
  9. halfwheel will only ship winner’s cigars if they follow the above steps and email the appropriate e-mail address.
  10. halfwheel reserves the right to change these rules at anytime.

Additional Questions
If you still aren’t clear on something, comment on this page and we will answer the questions.

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Charlie Minato

I am an editor and co-founder of halfwheel.com/Rueda Media, LLC. I previously co-founded and published TheCigarFeed, one of the two predecessors of halfwheel. I handle the editing of our written content, the majority of the technical aspects of the site and work with the rest of our staff on content management, business development and more. I’ve lived in most corners of the country and now entering my second stint in Dallas, Texas. I enjoy boxing, headphones, the Le Mans 24-hour, wearing sweatshirts year-round and gyros. echte liebe.