XIKAR HP Humidor

While XIKAR might be the leader in cigar accessories, the company has generally avoided one major category of accessories: humidors. Yes, it’s made a variety...
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XIKAR Tactical Lighter Released

XIKAR has announced its newest lighter, a triple-flame model known as Tactical ($99.99). The lighter uses three flames in a single row with the two...
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XIKAR Verano

Every year, cigar accessories companies are challenged to come up with new products to essentially do the same thing that the hundreds of other products...
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XIKAR Opens Lounge at Florida Panthers Arena

The outdoor cigar lounge at the BB&T Center is now the XIKAR Cigar Lounge at BB&T Arena. Last night the Florida Panthers held their home...
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XIKAR Las Calacas Cutters Ship to Retail

A limited edition series of Dia de Los Muertos-themed cigar cutters from XIKAR are on their way to retailers, as on Thursday afternoon the company...
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XIKAR Ships New XO, VX2 Colorways

New finishes of two of XIKARs newest cutter models have begun arriving at stores. Earlier this month, the company began shipping the XO Black Honeycomb...
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While XIKAR was acquired by Quality Importers in January, the two companies had separate yet adjacent booth spaces this year, with the XIKAR booth retaining...
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XIKAR Announces HP3 & Turismo Lighters

XIKAR has announced two new lighters for the company’s High Performance Collection: HP3 and Turismo. The Turismo lighter was actually leaked a couple months ago by...
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XIKAR Adds XFlame Electric Lighter to Portfolio

For the first time ever, XIKAR has a lighter that does not require butane. It’s called the XIKAR XFlame, a battery-powered lighter that uses an...
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XIKAR Adding First Flat Flame Lighter, Reducing High Performance Butane Price

Flat flame lighters have been part of the cigar accessories landscape for a while, but now one of the best-known names in the industry is...
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Les Mann Joins Quality Importers/XIKAR as EVP of Sales

Les Mann will now lead the salesforce of XIKAR and Quality Importers. Mann, a longtime veteran of cigar accessories, has joined Quality Importers as the...
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