Wyoming Legislators Advance Tobacco Purchasing Age Increase

Wyoming could be among the next wave of states to raise the minimum age to purchase tobacco products to 21-years-old, as on Wednesday the Joint...
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Wyoming Tobacco Tax Increase Bill Fails

Last week, a bill was introduced in Wyoming that would have tripled the cigar tax; this week, the bill failed. H.B. 218 would have increased...
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Wyoming Legislators Seek Near Tripling of Cigar Tax

A group of Wyoming state legislators is seeking to nearly triple the state’s tax on cigars while raising the tax on all other tobacco products...
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Weekly News (Dec. 3, 2018)

Cigar News Crowned Heads Adding Headley Grange Black Lab LE 2018 Davidoff Superior Goes on Sale on Thursday Fratello Ships D.M.V Isabela Releases Limited Edition...
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Casper, Wyo. Won’t Loosen Smoking Ban

Tuesday night was a bad night for smokers and bar owners in Casper, Wyo. hoping to get the city’s smoking ban loosened up, as the...
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Casper, Wy. Voters Bring Back Full Smoking Ban

On Tuesday night voters in Casper, Wy. approved a full smoking ban, picking the harshest and most anti-smoking option presented to them in a special...
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Weekly News (Oct. 26, 2015)

Cigar News Camacho Announces Revamped Machitos Dissident’s Gorden Crippen & Ryan Johnson Leave Don Pepin Garcia Original Demi-Tasse Heading to Six-Packs Four Kicks H-Town Goes...
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Wyoming Eyes Tobacco Tax Increase

While a proposal to raise the tobacco tax in Wyoming failed earlier this year, state legislators are once again turning the idea to close a...
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Casper, Wyo. Voters to Decide Smoking Ban’s Future

While it looked like the Casper City Council was on track to repeal the city’s previous smoking bans, at a special meeting on Tuesday night...
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Casper, Wy. Heading Towards Repeal of Smoking Ban

It would be hard to blame residents of Casper, Wy. for feeling like the rules regarding if and where they can light up change seemingly...
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Casper, Wy. Smoking Ban Expanding

On Tuesday, the smoking ban in Casper, Wy. will go back to the old rules: less places to smoke. In 2013, Casper passed an ordinance...
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