Visol Adds Ridge Lighter

Visol has a new single flame torch lighter hitting the market, the Ridge. It’s a compact pocket lighter that offers a curved side that serves...
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Visol Adding Quad-Flame Denali at TPE 2020

Just days after announcing the Saddle, a new triple flame jet torch lighter, Visol Products has announced another new product, a quad-flame lighter with a...
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Visol to Release Saddle Triple Torch at TPE 2020

Visol Products is bringing a new triple torch lighter to the Tobacco Plus Expo, as the company has announced the Saddle, which comes with a...
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Visol Hybrid USB Triple Torch Cigar Lighter

For as many cigars as there are on the market, there seem to be just about as many ways to light them. There are the...
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Visol Night Carbon Fiber 2 Finger Cigar Case

Carbon fiber has been around for decades. And yet, it still sort of seems like something that up until very recently was reserved for advanced...
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