Viaje Zombie

Viaje Zombie Red Collector’s Edition (2020)

In 2011, Viaje released the first of what has since become one of the company’s most recognizable lines. The Viaje Zombie began as an exclusive...
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Viaje Plans Zombie Collector’s Edition for 2020

Viaje is planning to release a trio of Zombie Collector’s Edition. A post on social media showed off Viaje Zombie Collector’s Edition in the regular...
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Viaje to Ship Zombie Farmhand Andre and Birthday Blend

Viaje has announced its next set of releases, one of which will be a new addition to both the Zombie and Stuffed Turkey series. View...
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Viaje Zombie Jiangshi Black

Many of the reviews that appear on this site are often accompanied by a fair amount of information above the fold, as they say in...
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Viaje Zombie Red & Green Return to Retailers

A handful of retailers have reported receiving small amounts of the 2019 edition of the Viaje Zombie in both the Red and Green blends. Not...
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Viaje Ships Zombie Farmer Bill Hatchet to Retailers

Another Thanksgiving-themed cigar from Viaje has begun showing up in limited quantities, the Zombie Farmer Bill Hatchet. The company declined to discuss specifics of the...
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Viaje Zombie Green (2018)

While I don’t know if actual zombies sneak up on their prey, the cigar that bears the zombie name seemed to do that this summer,...
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Viaje Zombie 2018 Emerges

There will be a 2018 version of the Viaje Zombie. STOGIES World Class Cigars, a Houston retailer, has taken delivery of a new release of...
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Viaje Zombie Biohazard Green

Less than two months after releasing four new cigars in its Zombie lineup, Viaje Cigars shipped two additional releases that had never been seen before: the...
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Viaje Zombie Red (2016)

For reasons that I don’t understand, Viaje seems to be releasing less and less information about its products in recent times. While the company certainly...
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Viaje Releases New Zombie, Zombie Antidote & Zombie Super Shot

The latest batch of Viaje Zombie and Zombie-related products is shipping to retailers this week. Viaje is releasing new versions of its Zombie, Zombie Antidote...
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