Viaje Zombie (Red)

Viaje Plans Zombie Collector’s Edition for 2020

Viaje is planning to release a trio of Zombie Collector’s Edition. A post on social media showed off Viaje Zombie Collector’s Edition in the regular...
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Viaje Zombie Red & Green Return to Retailers

A handful of retailers have reported receiving small amounts of the 2019 edition of the Viaje Zombie in both the Red and Green blends. Not...
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Viaje Zombie Red (2016)

For reasons that I don’t understand, Viaje seems to be releasing less and less information about its products in recent times. While the company certainly...
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Viaje Zombie Red (2014)

In 2014, Viaje added a different color to its annual Zombie release: red. The company selected two stores—R. Field Wine Co. and Atlantic Cigar Co.—to...
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Viaje Ships Exclusivo Corona Gorda, Trifecta and Zombie Super Shot

In its latest shipment to retailers, Viaje has included the cigar that started as brand owner Andre Farkas’ personal smoke before becoming an event-only and highly...
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Weekly News (April 21, 2014)

News Room101 Daruma Gold Announced Viaje Zombie Returning in 2014 Ortega Serie D Black Coming In June Herrera Esteli Lancero Coming This Week — Review...
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