Viaje White Label Project Stuffed Turkey

Viaje WLP Stuffed Turkey Dark Meat (2013)

After a delay last year in getting its new Stuffed Turkey release onto retailers’ shelves in time for the holiday it is inspired by, Viaje...
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Weekly News (October 21, 2013)

Editor’s Note: No more video reviews, at least not for another year or two. The State of Tiant Cigar Group — Story here. Tatuaje Black...
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Viaje White Label Project Stuffed Turkey Dark Meat

Earlier this month, Viaje shipped retailers two versions of the second release of its WLP Stuffed Turkey, White Meat and Dark Meat. Brooks Whittington reviewed...
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News: Viaje Shows Off Candy Cane

On Monday afternoon, Andre Farkas of Viaje showed off the new Candy Cane cigar that will be part of  the company’s 2012 Holiday Blend release....
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News: Viaje Pushes Back WLP Stuffed Turkey 2012

Viaje has announced the 2012 release of the WLP Stuffed Turkey has been delayed until “Christmas.” A message on Facebook blamed a “shipping delay.” Stuffed...
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Review: Viaje White Label Project Stuffed Turkey

For those of you that don’t know… This past year, Viaje has started to release cigars in a new series. Dubbed the White Label Project...
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