Viaje Summerfest

Viaje Summerfest 2020

If you took all of Viaje’s releases over the years and put them on a table without bands, I’d struggle to identify a lot of...
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Viaje Skull and Bones Daisy Cutter & WMD, Summerfest Return for 2020

One of Viaje’s most iconic cigars will be returning to stores this week. Viaje has announced that the Skull and Bones Daisy Cutter, Skull and...
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Viaje Summerfest, Birthday Blend Return in June

Viaje Cigar Co. has announced a pair of cigars that will be hitting store shelves in the coming weeks. SUMMER’S ALMOST HERE! With the rising...
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Viaje Summerfest 2015

Originally released in 2010, Summerfest was one of Viaje’s most consistent releases until last year, when it was dropped from the companies release schedule. In...
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Viaje C-4, Summerfest & TNT Return With New Blends, Factories

For many years, Viaje’s C-4 and TNT were amongst its most consistent releases in terms of basic details. C-4 was virtually identical year-to-year on paper,...
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Viaje Says No Summerfest, Late Harvest, C-4 or TNT This Year

Viaje has confirmed that it will not be releasing its Summerfest, Late Harvest, TNT or C-4 lines this year. A specific reason was not given,...
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Weekly News (June 24, 2013)

Editor’s Note: This week saw the announcement of two corporate moves in the cigar industry: one the purchasing of a company and another the closure...
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Viaje Ships Annual Summer Releases

As was expected, VIaje’s C-4, Summerfest and TNT releases are all returning again this year. Earlier this week the company posted pictures of the three...
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Weekly News (June 18, 2012)

Editor’s Note: It will be a busy week at halfwheel and likely busy up until the trade show. I’m not sure if it’s entirely necessary....
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News: Viaje Adds Roman Candle to Summer Releases

The summer release of cigars from Viaje is getting a new addition – the Roman Candle. Viaje’s owner, Andre Farkas, mentioned that a new addition...
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Weekly News (May 28, 2012)

Editor’s Note: If all goes well, Brooks and I should be in Nicaragua right now as part of Drew Estate’s Cigar Safari media adventures. Patrick...
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