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Viaje Roman Candle

Viaje Brings Back TNT, C-4, Roman Candle for 4th of July, Adds Flashing Thunder

Viaje is celebrating July 4th with a new cigar and three staples from its portfolio.

Viaje Roman Candle 2019 Appears at Retail

In early June, Viaje began shipping the 2019 editions of its C-4 and TNT lines, both of which are part of the Viaje Demolition Company…

Viaje Birthday Blend, Roman Candle Returning

Two of Viaje’s previous releases will be returning for 2017. First up is Birthday Blend, a cigar that debuted last year. It’s listed at the…

Review: Viaje Roman Candle

In mid-2010, Viaje released its first summer release, the aptly named Summerfest. Following closely behind was the first release of the TNT, a cigar that…

Weekly News (June 18, 2012)

Editor’s Note: It will be a busy week at halfwheel and likely busy up until the trade show. I’m not sure if it’s entirely necessary….

Viaje Adds Roman Candle to Summer Releases

The summer release of cigars from Viaje is getting a new addition – the Roman Candle. Viaje’s owner, Andre Farkas, mentioned that a new addition…