Viaje Circa ’45

Viaje Circa ’45 Reserva Edición Limitada Arrives at Stores

It looks like there’s a fourth vitola of the recently released Viaje Circa ’45 Reserva — and it’s an Edición Limitada. A number of retailers...
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Viaje Releasing Circa ’45 Reserva in February

Viaje is releasing a new version of its Circa ’45 line next month, announcing the upcoming release of the Circa ’45 Limited Edition Reserva today....
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Viaje Bringing Circa ’45 to U.S., Updates Oro Reserva #5 Packaging

In its upcoming shipment to retailers, Viaje will be including Circa ’45, a cigar that had previously been a European exclusive release, as well as...
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Viaje Releases Circa ’45 Maduro

Viaje has quietly released an extension to its Circa ’45 line, adding a maduro version that has begun showing up at stores recently. For this...
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