United Cigars

La Gianna Havana Angelic Returns to Market

United Cigars has announced that its sweet-tipped La Gianna Havana is returning to the market. The brand was introduced in 2001, though at some point...
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The Wise Man Maduro Firecracker Shipping Next Week

On Monday, United Cigars will begin shipping The Wise Man Maduro Firecracker. It’s the latest in a series that dates back to 2007. Like the other...
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United Cigars Adds Abuelo Line

United Cigars’ newest line will come from the fields of Julio Eiroa. The company has announced that has begun shipping its new Abuelo line, a...
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PCA 2021: A List of Companies Not Exhibiting

The following is a list of companies that have confirmed to halfwheel that they are not exhibiting at the 2021 PCA Convention & Trade Show. All...
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Selected Tobacco Releases Trio of Aged Byron Releases

If you aren’t patient enough to age cigars yourself, some companies are willing to do the work for you. One of them is Selected Tobacco...
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United Cigars’s Firecracker Gets Packaging Update

United Cigars has updated the look of its regular production Firecracker and begun shipping it to retailers. The regular production Firecracker is a 3 1/2...
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United Cigars Launches NFT Cigar

United Cigars has launched what it’s described as the first NFT cigar: the Atabey Black Ritos. Unlike every other cigar United Cigars sells, this is...
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United Cigars Cancels Asylum Green Monstah

United Cigars has announced that its upcoming Asylum Green Monstah release will not be coming out due to an apparent trademark issue. In a press...
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United Cigars Launching Stadium Series With Asylum Green Monstah

Opening Day is just around the corner and United Cigars has a new cigar that pays tribute to an iconic baseball stadium. The Asylum Green...
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United Cigars Announces Irish Car Bomb Firecrackers

There will soon be a new Firecracker on its way to store shelves, as United Cigars has announced the upcoming release of the Irish Car...
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The Wise Man Maduro Firecracker Slated for June

United Cigars has announced that The Wise Man Maduro Firecracker from Foundation Cigar Co. will be the newest addition to its annual summertime limited edition...
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