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U.S. Senate

Massive Tobacco Tax Increase Bill Reintroduced in Congress

The bill would more than triple the federal taxes on premium cigars. Copy. Paste.

New Bill Would More Than Triple Federal Taxes for Cigars

The bill includes Sen. Dick Durbin’s Tobacco Tax Equity Language that would dramatically increase the federal taxes paid on cigars. The weight-based tax would more than triple the federal taxes paid for a robustos and could amount to a nearly 500 percent increase on the federal taxes for a 6 x 60.

Bill Targeting Seized Cuban Trademarks Reintroduced in Congress

It’s unclear whether this bill would have any meaningful impact on the cigar business.

Senators Introduce Bill to Prevent Tobacco & Vaping Companies From Deducting Advertising Expenses

The bill would certainly impact websites like halfwheel and cigar magazines, but it also could affect cigar retailers including those that don’t have online storefronts or catalogs.

Senators Reintroducing Bill to Exempt Premium Cigars from FDA Regulation

Sen. Marco Rubio, R-Fla., is once again introducing a bill that would exempt premium and traditional cigars from FDA regulation.

Senate Agriculture Bill Would Direct FDA to Report on Premium Cigar Exemption

Yesterday, the U.S. Senate Committee on Appropriations approved S. 2599, the 2022 Agriculture Appropriations bill. In it, language is included that would direct the U.S….