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Topper Cigar Co.

Topper Celebrates 130 Years With New 1894 Line

Topper Cigar says it is the oldest continuously-operated, family-owned cigar company in the U.S. This year marks its 130th year in business.

PCA 2023: Topper Cigar Co.

While the company has nothing new for PCA 2023, Chris Topper is already teasing a big release for next year.

Topper 125th Anniversary Grande

Being in business for 125 years in business is no small feat.

PCA 2022: Topper Cigar Co.

The Topper 125th Anniversary makes its long-awaited debut.

Topper 125th Anniversary Shipping in August

After a year of packaging delays, Topper Cigar Co.’s 125th Anniversary cigar is finally ready to ship to stores.

PCA 2021: Topper

For months, Chris Topper has been talking about his upcoming Topper 125th Anniversary. And like so many other cigar companies, he’s been telling me, “the…

IPCPR 2019: Topper Cigar Co.

Last year was a big deal for new products at Topper Cigar Co., 2019? Not so much. As it turns out, when you’ve been in the…

IPCPR 2018: Topper Cigar Co.

Topper always brings something interesting to the show, this time in the form of a brand started in 1840. Marsh Wheeling is a cigar manufacturing…

Topper Expanding 120th Anniversary Line

At next month’s IPCPR Convention & Trade Show, Topper will once again show off two new sizes of its 120th Anniversary line, the same as…

IPCPR 2016: Topper Cigar Company

Topper Cigar Company rolled out one of the smaller booths on the floor, but they were right up on the front row, just to the left…