Tony Gomez

La Flor Dominicana TAA 2018 Golden “Oro” Anniversary

You’ve likely heard the brainstorming-related phrase of spitballing ideas, throwing things against the wall to see what sticks. In the case of the La Flor Dominicana...
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Agio to Distributes La Flor Dominicana in Germany & The Netherlands

La Flor Dominicana has a new German and Dutch distributor. Royal Agio Cigars—makes of Balmoral, Panter, Mehari’s and other brands—will now distribute La Flor Dominicana...
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La Flor Dominicana TAA Golden “Oro” Anniversary Arrives

La Flor Dominicana’s exclusive cigar for members of the Tobacconists’ Association of America (TAA) has begun shipping to stores. The La Flor Dominicana TAA 2018...
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Portraits: Tony Gomez

Tony Gomez is in the family business. The younger, taller Gomez started with La Flor Dominicana a handful of years ago working as the company’s Florida...
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Procigar 2018: Day 3

While I got to bed at a reasonable hour Tuesday night, I was still only able to set my alarm for less than six hours...
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IPCPR 2017: La Flor Dominicana

La Flor Dominicana’s booth seems like a little island. It was one of the few, particularly when you remove the large monstrosities, that felt like...
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Procigar 2017: Day 3

There are many constants of Procigar, not getting enough sleep is amongst them. After writing a quick story about some positive FDA news, I headed...
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La Flor Dominicana Petite La Nox

At the 2015 IPCPR Convention & Trade Show, La Flor Dominicana introduced a cigar that was quite different than anything the company had released before,...
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La Flor Dominicana La Nox

La Flor Dominicana’s Tony Gomez has had a successful run over the last few years. After training in both the U.S. and the Dominican Republic,...
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Litto Gomez Diez Small Batch No. 6 Slated for December

The wait is almost for the newest Litto Gomez Diez Small Batch. In December, La Flor Dominicana expects to begin shipping the Litto Gomez Diez...
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La Flor Dominicana Ships La Nox

La Flor Dominicana has shipped one of its headlining new releases from this summer’s IPCPR Convention & Trade Show, La Nox. The new line goes...
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