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Klamath County, Ore. Approves Tobacco Retailer License Proposal

Beginning on Jan. 1, 2018, retailers in Klamath County, Ore. will have to apply for a new license if they wish to keep selling tobacco...
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Washington Cigar Lounge Bill Gets First Hearing Today

Washington state is one of the few places where cigar smokers aren’t legally allowed to smoke cigars in the store where they purchased them, but...
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Pittsfield, Mass. Approves Tobacco Purchase Age Increase

It’s been on the radar since at least March, but the Pittsfield, Mass. Board of Health has finally approved an increase to the minimum age...
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Brockton, Mass. Joins in Tobacco Purchase Age Increase Movement

The board of health in Brockton, Mass. joined the growing bandwagon of cities increasing the minimum age to purchase tobacco products to 21-years-old, approving the proposal...
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Essex, Mass. Raises Tobacco Purchase Age, Passes Additional Tobacco Regulations

A number of new regulations regarding the sale of tobacco products will go into effect this summer in Essex, Mass., as the town’s board of...
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Sonoma County, Calif. Requiring New Tobacco Retailer License

Wrapped up in a package of legislation aimed at making cigarettes harder for those under 18-years-old to get is a new licensing requirement that will...
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Wisconsin Toughens Punishment for Tobacco Retailers Violating Laws

Yesterday, Gov. Scott Walker signed into law A.B. 628, a bill that allows for cities in Wisconsin to punish retailers with licenses to sell tobacco...
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Cedar City, Utah Enacts Six-Month Moratorium on New Tobacco Stores

If you were planning on opening up a cigar store in Cedar City, Utah in the near future, you’ll have to put your plans on hold,...
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Proposed Oregon Tobacco Licensing Fee Higher Than Anticipated

In January, we reported that an Oregon state senator was expected to introduced legislation that would create a new tobacco licensing fee for retailers in...
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Bill Could Subject New Hampshire Tobacco Retailers to New License

A bill in the New Hampshire legislature seeking to redefine the term tobacco products could end up requiring tobacco retailers in the state to get a...
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Oregon Tobacco Retailers Could Soon Need New License

A bill set to be introduced into the Oregon legislature could require tobacco retailers to obtain a new license in order to keep doing business in...
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