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Tatuaje T110 Reserva

Tatuaje T110 Reserva

A little over two years ago, Tatuaje made news with not just the return of the T110, but two new variants. Now it’s time to revisit one of them.

Tatuaje T110 Reserva

When Pete Johnson of Tatuaje announced that the Tatuaje T110—one of the more sought-after cigars from he company’s history—would be returning as a limited edition…

PCA 2021: Tatuaje

In a year when many manufacturers seemed to be zigging towards not releasing many—if any—new products, Pete Johnson zagged and continued what has already been…

Tatuaje Adding T110 Broadleaf & Sumatra (Update)

In April, the Tatuaje T110, one of the more storied cigars in the company’s history, returned to the store where it debuted in 2009. Soon,…