Tabacalera William Ventura

German Engineered Cigars NN01

Germany is probably not high on a list of countries most people think about when discussing cigars, but a company out of the European nation...
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Baracoa The Voyage Robusto Extra (2021)

For the last five years, we’ve constantly been writing about how what’s old is new again. It’s a phenomenon brought on, in my opinion, by...
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Caldwell Shipping Blind Man’s Bluff “This is Trouble” Next Week

Next week, Caldwell Cigar Co. will add a new, limited edition size for its Blind Man’s Bluff line. Blind Man’s Bluff This is Trouble is...
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German Engineered Cigars Ships NN01

After a delay of several months, the NN01 from German Engineered Cigars is on its way to store shelves. The cigar’s name is an abbreviation...
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ADVentura The Conqueror Comandante

While I might not remember the exact moment that the email arrived in my inbox, I do remember when I first learned about ADV &...
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Caldwell L’ Escalade Robusto

While most of the reviews that you will read on halfwheel are of fairly new cigars, every so often one will be of a cigar that...
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ADVentura The Navigator Adding Francis D. Corona

The ADVentura The Navigator line from ADV & McKay Cigars is getting a new size this spring, a 6 x 44 parejo called the Francis...
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Eastern Standard Sungrown Magic LE 2020

When Caldwell Cigar Co. launched the Eastern Standard Sungrown line in 2018, it shipped four regular production vitolas and one limited edition size. That size...
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Caldwell Ships Eastern Standard Sungrown Magic

The lancero size of the Eastern Standard Sungrown line is once again heading to stores. Caldwell Cigar Co. has begun shipping the 2020 batch of...
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German Engineered Cigars Adding NN in January (Update)

German Engineered Cigars, the company behind the RVGN Rauchvergnügen line, has announced its next blend, NN. Short for non nominandum—or not named, alternatively, to be named—the line...
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ADVentura The Conqueror Emperor’s Edition Returning This Month

The limited edition lancero in the ADVentura The Conqueror line is on its way back to store shelves, with twice the number of cigars being...
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