Supreme Leaf

AGANORSA Leaf’s Supreme Leaf Round Toro Shipping Tomorrow

The first round vitola in the Supreme Leaf line will soon be on store shelves.

Round Supreme Leaf Toro Shipping in February

The first Supreme Leaf size that is not box-pressed will begin shipping to stores in February.

Supreme Leaf Robusto (2022)

The fifth addition to AGANORSA Leaf’s Supreme Leaf line may by physically similar to the first vitola released back in 2020, but there are plenty of differences between them.

Supreme Leaf Robusto Heading to Stores

The newest size of the Supreme Leaf began shipping to stores yesterday. AGANORSA Leaf began shipping the new Supreme Leaf Robusto, which measures 5 x 54….

Supreme Leaf Torpedo

It would be interesting to take a poll of cigar companies and brands and ask them about what they think their company’s single strongest suit…

AGANORSA Leaf Adding Supreme Leaf Robusto in February

The fifth size of Supreme Leaf will be remarkably similar to the first size. In February, AGANORSA Leaf will begin shipping the new Supreme Leaf…

Supreme Leaf Torpedo Begins Shipping

Yesterday, AGANORSA Leaf began shipping the new Supreme Leaf Torpedo. It’s a 6 x 54 box-pressed torpedo, the four size for the Supreme Leaf line….

Supreme Leaf Torpedo Debuting at PCA 2021

The fourth size of Supreme Leaf will debut next month. AGANORSA Leaf is adding the Supreme Leaf Torpedo, a 6 x 54 box-pressed torpedo, to…

Supreme Leaf Corona Gorda

There have been many chapters in the attempt at trying to reinvigorate the company formerly known as Casa Fernández, itself formerly known as Tropical Tobacco….

AGANORSA Shipping Rare Leaf Reserve, Supreme Leaf Corona Gorda Tomorrow

The next batch of AGANORSA Leaf’s Supreme Leaf, as well as the all-new Rare Leaf Reserve will begin heading to select stores tomorrow. Supreme Leaf…

Supreme Leaf Corona Gorda Coming in February

AGANORSA Leaf has announced the third size for its Supreme Leaf line, a corona gorda. In February, the company will ship the Supreme Leaf Corona…