Cain Daytona NUb 460

Today we’re taking a look at the Cain Daytona NUb which was only available in raffles at STUDIO TOBAC events. The NUb size was first...
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News: Oliva Plans Serie V Melanio Maduro for Father’s Day

The Serie V will be getting a new Maduro special edition next year, the Melanio Maduro. Representatives confirmed to halfwheel a single size of a...
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News: Oliva Takes Over Padilla Distribution

Only a few months after a near entire revamp of the Padilla portfolio, distribution of the Ernesto Padilla’s cigar brand is now in the hands...
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IPCPR 2012: Oliva

For the first time in five years, Oliva added a new eponymous regular production line; it just wasn’t readily available on the floor of IPCPR....
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Weekly News (July 23, 2012)

Editor’s Note: A few weeks ago I said the 2012 Cigar Releases List would sit at 750 before IPCPR. With a bit over a week...
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News: STUDIO TOBAC Ships 2,000 Boxes of Cain F Lancero

STUDIO TOBAC is shipping an additional shipment of 2,000 boxes of the limited Cain F Lancero to retailers. The shipment is actually from the initial...
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It’s the sixth and final review of the STUDIO TOBAC World Tour Sampler 2012 and perhaps the most interesting cigar in the sampler, the NUb...
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Review: STUDIO TOBAC Prototype Connecticut ST-EFG01

It’s been a while since we’ve reviewed anything from the 2012 STUDIO TOBAC World Tour sampler, but we still haven’t take on the Prototype Connecticut ST-EFG01....
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Review: STUDIO TOBAC Cain F Maduro

By now you’ve likely heard about the second installment of the STUDIO TOBAC World Tour and the accompanying six-cigar sampler available only at the events...
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Review: STUDIO TOBAC Cain Daytona Maduro Figurado

Last week Brooks reviewed the first cigar in the new STUDIO TOBAC sampler from the 2012 World Tour. This week I will continue the series...
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On April 5, 2012, STUDIO TOBAC launched their 2012 World Tour at Tampa Humidor in Tampa, Florida, which has one of only three Oliva Lounges...
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