South Carolina

Weekly News (April 12, 2021)

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South Carolina House Passes Bill Restricting Local Tobacco Laws

Earlier today, the South Carolina House of Representatives passed a law that would restrict local governments from enforcing stricter tobacco laws including the banning of...
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Folly Beach, S.C. Bans Smoking on Beaches

As the weather warms up and people start heading to the beaches, one thing they won’t be allowed to do any longer in Folly Beach...
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Myrtle Beach, S.C. Smoking Ban Proposed

Smoking could be banned at the beaches of Myrtle Beach. Councilwoman Jackie Hatley has proposed a new law that would ban smoking at all city-owned...
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South Carolina Bill Limiting Local Tobacco Laws Advances

A bill in the South Carolina Legislature that would leave all tobacco-related legislation to be decided at the state level has advanced out of the...
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South Carolina Joins States Considering Tobacco 21

South Carolina has joined the growing group of states that will be considering passing an increase to the minimum age to purchase tobacco products to...
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South Carolina Bill Seeks to Decide Tobacco Laws at State Level

A bill pre-filed for the upcoming session of the South Carolina legislature is seeking to make tobacco laws a statewide matter and prohibit any other...
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Charleston, S.C. Bans Smoking in Parks

Parks in Charleston, S.C. will likely start off 2019 being smoke-free after the city council approved a smoking ban on Tuesday night. While the ban...
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Gaffney, S.C. Approves Smoking Ban

There will soon be a new smoking ban in Gaffney, S.C., as the city council approved a proposal that will snuff out smoking at all...
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Aiken, S.C. Announces Smoking Ban for Parks

On Wednesday, the city of Aiken, S.C. announced a new tobacco-free policy for its parks that will go into effect on June 1. The use...
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Gaffney, S.C. Says No to Smoking Ban

While more and more smoking bans are popping up around the country, Gaffney, S.C. said no to a proposed ban on Monday night, as the...
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