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HVC 500 Years Anniversary Short Toro Heading to Small Batch Cigar

The new size is a 4 1/2 x 52 short toro. It is limited to a production run of 9,000 total cigars.

Lampert 1593 Edición Blanca Toro

The Lampert 1593 Edición Blanca Toro soft launched this summer at It will head to stores nationwide in January 2023.

Lampert 1593 Edición Blanca Gets Soft Launch at Small Batch Cigar, 2023 Release

You’ll be able to buy the Lampert 1593 Edición Blanca at one store this month but then you’ll have to wait for its formal release next year.

Lampert Launches Golden Retailer Program, Two Exclusive Cigars

Lampert Cigars has launched two new cigars that are only being sold at stores that are part of the company’s new Lampert Gold Retailer program….

Jason~Dumont Noir

It’s not Warped. Or maybe it is. For the last year, Kyle Gellis—best known as the founder of Warped—has been teasing cigars made under the…

Daughters of the Wind Pony Express Returns, Heads to International Markets

Casdagli has announced the second batch of the Daughters of the Wind Pony Express has begun shipping. Unlike the first batch, it will be going…

Jason~Dumont Noir Heading to Small Batch Cigar Next Month

The first extension to the Jason~Dumont line will be a maduro release made exclusively for a California retailer. Next month,, the online storefront for…

Dapper Siempre Rosado Corona

Earlier this year, I was browsing and ran across something that looked new: the Dapper Siempre Rosado Corona. As it turns out, that blend…

Dapper Cigar Co. Releases Siempre Rosado at Small Batch Cigar

A new line from Dapper Cigar Co. has surfaced at Small Batch Cigar Co., who is getting the exclusive release of the Siempre Rosado for…

Daughters of the Wind Pony Express

These days, overnight FedEx packages and two-hour Prime Amazon deliveries are the norm, but there was a time when a man riding on a horse…