Short Robusto

Guardian of the Farm Claude Le Chien

The Guardian of the Farm series from AGANORSA Leaf has recently become a popular enough line for the company to produce single store exclusives. In less than six months, the company has added three new vitolas to the line up, all destined to a different retailer. Two of those cigars went to Houston—one to STOGIES […]
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Cubo Sumatra Robusto

During the 2018 IPCPR Convention & Trade Show, Dapper Cigar Co. formally introduced the third line in its Cubo brand following the Cubo Claro and Cubo Maduro:...
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HVC La Rosa 520 Maduro

For the first maduro version of the La Rosa 520, HVC decided to keel it limited. Just 300 boxes of 10 cigars, and all headed to...
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La Gloria Cubana Estelí Robusto

If I had to give an award for the best trade show walkthrough, it would go to General Cigar Co. Each tour is a series...
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La Imperiosa Magicos

I still remember my first Las Calaveras. I don’t really remember my first La Imperiosa. La Imperiosa was the follow-up to the most sought after...
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Dunhill Aged Maduro Short Robusto

Even the most established cigar brands can have what are often referred to as holes in their cigar portfolio. Many companies begin by offering the...
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Viaje Super Shot 10 Gauge (2017)

Originally released in early 2012, the Super Shot Series was originally intended as a cigar to be smoked by Viaje Cigars owner Andre Farkas in-between...
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Dunhill Aged Maduro Short Robusto (Prerelease)

While the Dunhill name dates back to 1907 and Alfred Dunhill’s opening of a tobacco shop in London, it wasn’t until much later in the...
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Prototype Super Unknown (Prerelease)

Not many people have heard of Prototype Cigar Co. yet, so the company decided to have a little fun with the name of its first...
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Cabal Event Short Robusto (2015)

Earlier this year I reviewed the Cabal Event Short Robusto, that, as the name suggests, is only available at Cabal Cigars events. The first event...
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Las Mareas (4 1/2 x 48)

When it comes to regular production cigars, Crowned Heads has had a fairly predictable approach: one per year, introduced at the IPCPR Convention & Trade...
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