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Short Robusto

Tatuaje T110 Reserva

A little over two years ago, Tatuaje made news with not just the return of the T110, but two new variants. Now it’s time to revisit one of them.

Bandolero Firecracker, Wise Man Maduro Firecracker Return for 2023

Interestingly, United Cigars says this will be the final release of both the Bandolero Firecracker and The Wise Man Maduro Firecracker.

Arturo Fuente Don Carlos Eye of the Bull

This short, thick vitola was launched as an exclusive for retailers who attended the 2023 PCA Convention & Trade Show.

Bandolero Firecracker

Not only does United Cigars distribute the Firecracker Series, it distributes the company that made the 2022 installment.

La Mezcla Cubana Rothschild

La Mezcla Cubana was started by Victor Vitale, a cigar distributor based in the northeast U.S. It was purchased by United Cigars, another northeast-based cigar distributor, who relauanched it earlier this year.

Tatuaje Cohete Capa Especial (2022)

In January 2022, the Tatuaje Cohete returned, but with three wrapper options and in a much more widespread release than the original, which was limited just 50 boxes of 25 cigars. This review looks at one of those three options, which uses an Ecuadoran Sumatra wrapper.

HVC Black Friday 2021

If there is one word to describe how my family generally celebrates the holidays, it is “chill.” We try and keep things as low key…

Tatuaje T110 Reserva

When Pete Johnson of Tatuaje announced that the Tatuaje T110—one of the more sought-after cigars from he company’s history—would be returning as a limited edition…

Tatuaje T110 Capa Especial

One of the more intriguing parts about cigar culture to me is how we perceive and talk about certain cigars that are no longer made….

Tatuaje T110 (2021)

Even in a sea made up of some of Tatuaje Cigars’ most legendary releases spanning from 2006 to 2009, the T110 stands out. When it…

PG Gourmet Series III 30th Anniversary Short Robusto

We’ve talked at length about how certain words have become closely associated with certain cigar companies, whether it be a red X and Arturo Fuente…