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Sean Williams

Cohiba Serie M Reserva Roja Offers New Blend, Debuts at PCA 2024 Ahead of April 1 Release

The Nicaraguan corojo wrapper remains the same, but this year’s version gets some new internal tobacco and a new look for the bands.

Weller by Cohiba 2023

It’s a deeper exploration of the effects of barrel aging on tobacco.

The Cohiba Experience Opens at Ritz-Carlton Bacara, Santa Barbara

“The ultimate coastal cigar lounge” will open to the public this week.

Weller by Cohiba 2023 Heads to Stores

The third iteration gets a new blend, and an additional exploration into the effect of using bourbon barrels to age tobacco.

El Primer Mundo Moves Distribution to PDR Cigars

PDR Cigars makes El Primer Mundo’s cigars, now it will distribute them as well.

Cohiba Silencio Arrives in Stores

The Cohiba Silencio, a cigar made as a private blend for brand ambassador Sean Williams, is now in stores. General Cigar Co. has begun shipping…

Cohiba Connecticut Slated for March

For the first time ever, a Cohiba will have a Connecticut-seed wrapper. General Cigar Co. has formally announced that its new Cohiba Connecticut will be…

Cohiba Spectre Returning for 2019

General Cigar Co.’s most ambitious product from 2018 will return for 2019. The Cohiba Spectre, a high-priced limited edition release, will be back in 2019….

General Cigar Co. Teases Cohiba Connecticut

It appears that there will soon be a new, lighter offering to General Cigar Co.’s Cohiba brand. Sean Williams, the brand’s national ambassador and a…

Cohiba Silencio

There have been many notable cigars released as event-exclusive cigars through the years, from the legendary Tatuaje Black Label Robusto three-packs to the Menelik from…

Cohiba Silencio Added as Event-Only Cigar

The next time you attend a Cohiba event at your local tobacconist, you might see a new cigar being offered: the Cohiba Silencio. View this…