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SB 793

California’s Flavored Tobacco Sales Ban Goes Into Effect Today

Flavored cigars received an exemption, but they are likely to become quite expensive.

Supreme Court Refuses to Block California Flavored Tobacco/Vaping Ban

Now that the emergency application has failed, California’s ban on most flavored tobacco and vaping products should go into effect next week.

R.J. Reynolds Asks Supreme Court to Stop California’s Flavored Tobacco Ban

As expected, R.J. Reynolds is asking the Supreme Court to intervene before California’s ban on most flavored tobacco and vaping products takes effect next month.

R.J. Reynolds Files Lawsuit Against California’s Flavored Tobacco Ban

As expected, R.J. Reynolds has filed another lawsuit against California’s flavored tobacco ban. The decision comes after voters in California approved the law during Tuesday’s election.

California Voters Ban Most Flavored Tobacco & Vaping Products, Expensive Cigars Exempted

Flavored pipe and shisha tobacco will also remain legal. Some handmade flavors cigars will remain legal but it’s going to be complicated and expensive for consumers.

California’s Flavored Tobacco Ban Delayed Until Signature Verification Process Complete

California’s flavored tobacco ban will not take effect on Jan. 1, 2021. When, or if it takes effect remains to be seen. The Superior Court…

California’s Flavored Tobacco Ban Likely Delayed Until 2022 as Ballot Measure Reaches Signature Threshold

California’s flavored tobacco ban will likely not to go into effect until at least December 2022. A campaign to have the new law subject to…

Ballot Referendum Planned for California’s Flavored Tobacco Ban

Last month, California passed a ban on flavored tobacco that will prohibit the sale of most flavored tobacco products in the state. As is this…

California’s Governor Signs Flavored Tobacco Ban Bill

Flavored tobacco products are about to get a lot harder to come by in California, as on Friday, Gov. Gavin Newsom signed SB 793 into…

California Assembly Unanimously Approves Flavored Tobacco Ban with Premium Cigar Exemption

A flavored tobacco ban has been unanimously approved by the California Assembly, advancing the legislation and setting up negotiations between the Assembly and Senate to…