Santa Clara County (Calif.)

Palo Alto, Calif. Bans Flavored Tobacco Products

On Tuesday, the Palo Alto City Council passed an ordinance that will ban the sale of flavored tobacco products and e-cigarettes within the city by...
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Palo Alto, Calif. Moves Towards Full Ban on Flavored Tobacco, E-Cigarettes

Palo Alto, Calif. seems ready to ban the sale of flavored tobacco products as well as e-cigarettes at all stores within the city. On Monday,...
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Los Altos, Calif. Passes Public Smoking Ban

Effective later this month, smoking will be banned in most public places in Los Altos, Calif. Last week, the Los Altos City Council voted in...
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Los Altos, Calif. Considers Public Smoking Ban

On March 13, Los Altos, Calif. will consider banning smoking throughout public areas of the city, including privately-owned businesses. The proposal would ban smoking in...
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Palo Alto, Calif. Heads Towards Tobacco Age Increase

City leaders in Palo Alto, Calif. have made no secret of their disdain for tobacco over the past two years, banning smoking in parts of the...
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Weekly News (June 15, 2015)

Cigar News Aging Room Announces Quattro F59 & FFortisimo M19 Credo Releases New Special T Cutter Crowned Heads Ships The Angel’s Anvil 2015 Davidoff Announces Golden...
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Santa Clara County, Calif. Raises Tobacco Purchase Age to 21

Just a few weeks after the idea was proposed, the Santa Clara County Board of Supervisors unanimously approved an increase in the minimum age to purchase...
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San Jose, Calif. Could Make Tobacco Sampling Illegal (Update)

The free sample is a staple of many cigar events, but it could become a thing of the past in San Jose, Calif. if the city...
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Santa Clara County, Calif. To Take Up Tobacco Purchase Age Increase Proposal

The Santa Clara County, Calif. Board of Supervisors will be debating raising the minimum age to purchase tobacco products and electronic smoking devices from 18...
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Palo Alto, Calif. Extends Smoking Ban to Commercial and Dining Areas

The Palo Alto City Council expanded its existing smoking ban on Monday night, voting to make it illegal to light up in the city’s commercial...
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Weekly News (November 10, 2014)

Cigar News Buenaventura BV654 Arrives at Binny’s Corona Cigar Gets Next Box of Quesada España Ninfas Drew Estate Announces Pappy Van Winkle Cigar La Flor...
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