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S.T.Dupont miniJet (2021)

S.T.Dupont’s Matte Black, Red Collections Head to Stores

Three S.T.Dupont torch lighters are now offered in either matte black or matte red finishes.

S.T.Dupont Adds Pastel Colors to Torch Lighter Lines

At last week’s TPE 2022, S.T.Dupont showed off a variety of new color options for some of its torch lighters, mostly pastel colors. The newly-updated…

S.T.Dupont miniJet (2021)

In our technology-driven world, we have seemingly got accustomed to product launches and then a series of updates. Certainly one of the most common examples…

S.T.Dupont Updates miniJet for 2021

The third generation of S.T.Dupont miniJet is now available. Coles of London, S.T.Dupont’s U.S. distributor, has announced that it is taking orders for a new…