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Rick Hutchings

Scrim by HutcH’s Fallen Warrior Cutter Gets Reworked, to Ship This Month

Supply issues forced a change to a body style, though the change is a positive one in the eyes of Rick Hutchings.

Scrim by HutcH Releases New Hawaiian Koa Wood Cutters

The sought-after Hawaiian-grown hardwood is the latest option to join the company’s list of options.

Scrim By HutcH Adds Protector Series Cutters

The customized cutter company honors law enforcement and firefighters with its new releases.

Scrim by HutcH Studio Releases Wood Burl Collection

The line uses wood burl, which means each cutter will have its own unique wood grain.

Scrim by HutcH Adds Mosaic Mammoth Cutter

For Scrim by Hutch’s newest cigar cutter option, Rick Hutchings is mixing 10,000-year-old mammoth ivory with a customizable acrylic resin to create a truly unique way to cut your cigar.

Scrim by HutcH Releasing Cutter Honoring Vietnam Veterans at PCA 2022

Scrim by HutcH Studios is honoring Vietnam veterans with its newest design, which will be released at this summer’s PCA Convention & Trade Show.

Scrim by HutcH Adds Three New Kirinite Cutter Colors

Scrim by HutcH Studios has released three new color options in its Kirinite cutter collection: Copper Ice, Purple Crush and True Blood. Kirinite is a…

Scrim by HutcH Releases Brood X Cutter

If you’ve been following nature news lately, particularly if you live in the eastern part of the United States, you’ve likely heard about Brood X,…