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Rare Leaf Reserve

Rare Leaf Reserve Lonsdale

Earlier this year, AGANORSA Leaf gave its Rare Leaf line a makeover and a new size, this 6 x 44 lonsdale.


Fabien Ziegler is back. This post is also important for members of our audience that are interested in smoking a 100-ring gauge cigar.

AGANORSA Leaf Adding Lonsdale, New Packaging for Rare Leaf Reserve

Both updates apply only to the original Rare Leaf Reserve line and not the newer Rare Leaf Reserve Maduro

AGANORSA Leaf Rare Leaf Reserve Robusto

Last month, AGANORSA Leaf began shipping a new blend that was created to focus on Nicaraguan criollo tobaccos. That creation is the Rare Leaf Reserve, a cigar…

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While two sizes of the Rare Leaf Reserve shipped in February, the third size is just now shipping. This week, AGANORSA Leaf began shipping the…

AGANORSA Shipping Rare Leaf Reserve, Supreme Leaf Corona Gorda Tomorrow

The next batch of AGANORSA Leaf’s Supreme Leaf, as well as the all-new Rare Leaf Reserve will begin heading to select stores tomorrow. Supreme Leaf…

AGANORSA Leaf Sending Rare Leaf Reserve to Select Retailers

AGANORSA Leaf has announced that it has created a new line called Rare Leaf Reserve that will be hitting select stores in February. It uses…