Punch Gran Robusto Edición Regional España (2009)

While it may not seem like it now, there was a time when Habanos S.A. would release over 20 new Edición Regionals in a single...
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Punch La Isla Arrives in Cuba

The Punch La Isla has arrived on the island. Habanos S.A.’s latest Edición Regional for its home country of Cuba is the Punch La Isla,...
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General Brings Cigar Presses to Stores With Punch Store Press

General Cigar Co.’s latest release will provide many consumers the opportunity to see a cigar press in person for the very first time. The company...
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Punch Short de Punch to Launch July 12 in Zurich

The latest vitola for the Cuban Punch marca will launch this July in Zurich, Switzerland. The distributor for the region, Intertabak A.G. has announced that...
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Punch Egg Roll

If you’ve ever ordered Chinese take-out, you’ve got a pretty good idea where General Cigar Co. got the inspiration for its latest addition to its...
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Punch Diablo Gets Two New Sizes

General Cigar Co.’s Punch Diablo line will get two new sizes this month. The company is adding El Diablo and Stump to the line, which...
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General Cigar Plans Punch 1840 Anejado for 2020

General Cigar Co. recently teased a new Punch line, only it’s planned for 2020, not this year. More specifically, the company asked consumers to pick...
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Punch Preferidos Edición 5ta Avenida Arrives in Germany Next Week

A new Edición Regional will be on the shelves of La Casa del Habano shops in Germany next week, as the distributor 5ta Avenida has...
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Punch Egg Roll Shipping Later this Month

There’s a new Punch cigar, inspired by (Americanized) Chinese food. The Punch Egg Roll is a limited edition 4 1/2 x 50 Rothschild with a...
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Habanos S.A. Adding Punch Short de Punch

The Cuban version of the Punch brand will be getting a shorter vitola later this year. Habanos S.A. has announced the new Short de Punch...
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IPCPR 2018: General Cigar Co.

There are very few companies, if any, who will write the number of orders as General Cigar Co. The company’s brands include Macanudo, CAO, Diesel,...
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