Preview: Procigar 2020 Auction Items (Update)

Valentine’s Day is later this week which means Procigar 2020 begins next week. The Dominican Republic’s annual cigar festival always begins the week after Valentine’s...
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Procigar 2019 Registration is Open

Registration for the 2019 edition of the Procigar Festival in the Dominican Republic is open. The upcoming festival, which marks the 12th edition, runs from...
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Procigar 2018: Conclusion

Lots of rain, lots of people. Those were the themes of the 2018 Procigar Festival in the Dominican Republic. No one was happy about the...
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Procigar 2018: Day 5

“We don’t post pictures from this, this is for us,” said Jamilet Calviño of Cigar Snob, shortly before our tour started. Us referring to her and...
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Procigar 2018: Day 4

I was a lot less hungover than I should have been, but Thursday morning came far too quick for my body, which as you might...
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Procigar 2018: Day 3

While I got to bed at a reasonable hour Tuesday night, I was still only able to set my alarm for less than six hours...
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Procigar 2018: Day 2

Day two of Procigar started at Casa de Campo and ended in Santiago. It’s the longest day of the week and one that is a...
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Procigar 2018: Day 1

It’s the week after Valentine’s Day and that means it’s cigar festival time. The cigar industry’s two oldest and largest festivals—the Dominican Republic’s Procigar and...
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Royal Agio Cigars Joins Procigar

Procigar, the association of top Dominican cigar manufacturers, has a new member: Royal Agio. While Agio is headquartered in Duizel, Holland, in 1990 the company...
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Procigar 2018 Humidor Auction Items Unveiled

Most of them that is. Today marks the official start of the 2018 Procigar Festival, the Dominican cigar festival put on by the organization with...
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Procigar 2017: Day 5 + Conclusion

Friday morning started off a bit sluggish and I was actually a couple minutes late to the bus. After struggling to find the address for...
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