Price Increases 2023

CLE, Asylum Increasing Prices Next Month

For the most part, it amounts to the MSRP of most cigars increasing by 40 cents.

Alec Bradley Increasing Prices in February

Blind Faith, the new Double Broadleaf, Occidental Reserve and Alec Bradley accessories are not increasing.

Iconic Leaf Cigar Co. Increasing Prices on Feb. 1

It will affect both the Recluse brand as well as the unbanded private labels that the company sells to various retail stores.

Espinosa Premium Cigars Increasing Prices in February

The company says that the prices of the majority of its products will increase by 5 percent.

Drew Estate Increasing Prices Next Month

According to the company, the price increase amounts to “just under 4.5 percent” on average.

Rojas Cigars to Debut Breakfast Tacos at TPE, Announces Price Increase to Street Tacos

Noel Rojas’ newest line is an offshoot of his Street Tacos line, and despite the name, you can smoke them any time of day.

Oscar Valladares Tobacco & Co. Announces Price Increase Effective Feb. 1

After delaying a price increase for two years, the Honduran cigar maker has informed retailers that it will be raising prices next month.

Bocock Brothers Increasing Prices for World Traveler Collection

The good news is that Signature Edition will not be increasing in price.