Price Increases 2021

Alec Bradley Moving to 24-Count Boxes

In July, Alec Bradley will offer all of its regular production lines in boxes of 24, a move that the company says will save it...
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Drew Estate Increasing Prices Next Month

Effective April 5, 2021, Drew Estate will increase prices for most of the products it sells, including Joya de Nicaragua’s products which Drew Estate sells...
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1502 Cigars Increasing Prices on March 22

Global Premium Cigars—the parent of the 1502 brand—has announced that it will be increasing prices across its portfolio on March 22. The increases will be...
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Ashton Increasing Prices for Two Lines

This week, Ashton increased prices for two of its lines. Effective Feb. 15, Ashton’s Small Cigars lines and Premium House Selection offerings have increased. For...
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Foundation Cigar Co. Increasing Prices on Tabernacle Lines

Citing the increasing costs of tobacco, Foundation Cigar Co. has announced that it will be increasing the prices of its The Tabernacle Broadleaf and The...
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Oliva Increasing Prices in 2021

Oliva Cigar Co. will increase prices by 2-3 percent across its portfolio of cigars effective March 1. In a letter sent to retailers, the company...
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Arturo Fuente Keeps Prices Flat for Almost All of Its Portfolio

Arturo Fuente says it will not be increasing prices for more than 99 percent of its production. That of course means that some—the company says...
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Asylum & CLE Increasing Prices in February

Effective Feb. 1, 2021 every Asylum and CLE cigar will increase by 30 cents per cigar. The one exception is the Eiroa Dark line, which...
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PDR Cigars Announces Price Increase

Citing a number of factors, PDR Cigars has announced that it is increasing prices across the majority of its portfolio. It’s an increase of between...
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Esteban Carreras Announces Price Increases

Esteban Carreras has announced that a portion of its portfolio will be getting a bit more expensive in 2021. Craig Cunningham, the company’s president, told halfwheel...
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General Cigar Co. Announces Price Increase

Nearly the entire General Cigar Co. portfolio will be getting more expensive, as the company has informed retailers that it will be implementing a price...
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