C.Gars Ltd.’s Latest Auction is Open

More than 330 units of highly collectible and sought-after cigars are up for grabs in C.Gars Ltd.’s latest auction, with bidding currently open. The auction...
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C.Gars Ltd. Opens Bidding on Summer Auction

The bidding on C.Gars Ltd.’s summer auction of cigars has officially opened. This 21st auction is being conducted completely online, with a total of 330...
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Lords of England (1920s)

There have been quite a few cigar companies that have gone out of business in the last 200 years especially in Cuba, but even I...
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Farach Farachitos (Pre-Embargo)

As part of my Annual Thanksgiving “Smoke your Rare Smoke” weekend, one of the sticks I decided to smoke was a Farach Farachitos Pre Embargo Cuban...
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