Petit Edmundo

El Rey del Mundo Petit Cayo (ER Andorra 2018)

If you read the title of this review and thought to yourself, I have no idea where Andorra is, let me save you the search. It’s...
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Vegas Robaina Petit Robaina (ER Canada 2009)

When I was first getting seriously into cigars a little over a decade ago, I remember trying to soak up all I could by way...
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Review: Punch Northern Lights (ER Nordic 2009)

At one point in time, Punch was the strongest brand in the world. Today, not so much. Despite not having the status similar to Cohiba,...
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Juan López Selección No.3 (ER Benelux 2010)

Today, we will be taking a look at another cigar in our Edición Regional series, the Juan López Selección No.3 2010 Benelux. This is one...
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Ramón Allones Lusitanos (ER Portugal 2010)

Ramón Allones released its first Edición Regional series of the year a few months ago and it was good. The second Ramón Allones release this...
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