Petit Corona

Bugatti Monte Carlo Gold Half Corona

There is no car company quite like Bugatti. Ettore Bugatti’s car company made vehicles at a time when the well-to-do would buy an engine and...
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Pistoff Kristoff Firecracker

There have been a number of different retailer exclusive series in the cigar world that have stood the test of time, from Smoke Inn’s Microblend...
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Tatuaje Little Hassell

Earlier this year—and with virtually no fanfare on this website, Instagram or other—a new Tatuaje showed up at stores. While the cigar is new, both...
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Isla del Sol Maduro Gran Corona

Drew Estate is known for a lot of things, and depending on what section of the humidor you frequent, you might not be as familiar...
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Atabey Hechizos

When it comes to the Atabey line of cigars, it seems like there’s as much unknown about them as there is seemingly known. Nelson Alfonso—who...
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Vegas Robaina Short Robaina (ER Andorra 2014)

Officially launched in 1997, Vegas Robaina marca is one of the youngest brands in Habanos S.A.’s portfolio and named after the famous Alejandro Robaina, who grew...
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Illusione La Grande Classe Rex

Exclusive creations for specific stores are nothing new in the cigar world, but things change a bit when the manufacturer owns the store they are...
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Ezra Zion Tantrum

If you’ve only been smoking cigars for the last few years—or only following the cigar market for that period of time—your knowledge of Ezra Zion...
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Tatuaje Tattoo Needles

In July, Tatuaje announced the latest cigar in its family of soft-packed petit coronas: Tattoo Needles. Much like the four petit coronas released before by...
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Quai d’Orsay Secreto Cubano Edición Regional Francia (2017)

If there has become a relative certainty in the world of Habanos S.A. Edición Regional releases in recent years, it’s that France will get a...
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Caldwell Long Live The King Harem

Early last year, Small Batch Cigars—which is the online store of Maxamar Ultimate Cigars—announced that it would be the exclusive retailer for the smallest vitola...
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