Viaje Zombie Antidote Collector’s Edition (2017)

Viaje is known for many things, but one of the most interesting are the unique backstories that some of the releases have. A couple months...
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Viaje Ghost Pepper

While Viaje has historically had a lot of fun themed releases, the introduction of food themed cigars in 2015 was something they hadn’t tackled before....
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Long Live The King The Crowning

Back in 2014, Caldwell Cigar Co debuted with three lines: Long Live The King, The King is Dead and Eastern Standard. Since then, the company’s releases...
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MLB Cigar Ventures Imperia Aventador Fundador

For MLB Cigar Ventures’ fourth release, Michael L. Bellody built upon his core line, the Imperia, by adding a third extension that promised “incredible complexity” and...
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Viaje Exclusivo Leaded Double Edged Sword

Last month, Viaje shipped the Exclusivo Leaded Double Edged Sword, a new cigar that is a combination of two different Viaje releases: the 5 x 52...
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Quesada Dojo de Luxe

For its sixth branded cigar, the online cigar community Cigar Dojo turned to a company that has a pretty good relationship with social media and...
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Diamond Crown Black Diamond Toast Across America 2016

The road to this review has been an interesting one, if one not told as often as it maybe should have been. If you recall,...
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La Flor Dominicana TCFKA “M” Collector’s Edition 2016

The winter holidays are full of traditions, blending familial, religious, secular and community rituals and events together to create a period of weeks more steeped...
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Arturo Fuente Hemingway TCC 100th Anniversary

In 2015, well-known cigar retailer Thompson Cigar Co. celebrated its 100th anniversary with a number of new cigars, including this one, the Arturo Fuente Hemingway...
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Sinistro Mr. Red Scala

For a couple of years now, Sinistro Cigars has been selling cigars in three blends, each coming in four sizes. Those blends are called Mr....
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Fuente Fuente OpusX Toast Across America 2016

Since 2003, Arturo Fuente has partnered with J.C. Newman Cigar Co. to produce the Toast Across America, a limited edition two-pack that includes one OpusX and one J.C. Newman product packaged...
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