Nicholas Melillo

Drew Estate BOTL.org 2013 Corona

To say that the BOTL.org cigars have become a phenomenon in the online cigar world would be a bit of an understatement. In an era of...
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Drew Estate BOTL.org 2013

Earlier this year, PodMan Cigars and Drew Estate released its second cigar for the BOTL.org, the Drew Estate BOTL.org 2013. Last year PodMan Cigars released a...
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IPCPR 2013: Drew Estate & Joya de Nicaragua

Even with an injured Jonathan Drew and a resigning Steve Saka, IPCPR 2013 might have been the best year ever for Drew Estate. KFC, Nica...
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Nica Rustica (Prerelease)

In case you missed it at the end of last week, we posted a news story for Drew Estate’s only entirely new brand they are releasing...
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Drew Estate’s Nica Rustica to Debut at IPCPR 2013

As has become standard fare for Drew Estate’s most anticipated releases, there was never any strong assurances Nica Rustica—the company’s newest line—would be ready in...
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Liga Privada Único Serie Papas Fritas

The Papas Fritas was one of the largest releases last year for the cigar market: a cheaper Liga Privada, a more accessible Liga Privada and...
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Press Release: Drew Estate Unveils “Kentucky Fire Cured” Line Extension to My Uzi Weighs a Ton

April 2, 2013 (Miami, Fla.) — Drew Estate Inc. announced today the impending release of Kentucky Fire Cured Cigars, an extension to the MUWAT brand...
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Nicaragua’s Jalapa Region Battles Paratrioza Bacteria, Again

Early last year, Nicaragua’s near flawless rise to the top of the cigar world experienced arguably its largest problem in the last decade and a...
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Liga Privada Único Serie UF-13 Dark (Prerelease)

It’s been a long wait, but Drew Estate is finally ready for the national release of perhaps its most anticipated Liga Privada ever, the UF-13...
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Liga Privada Único Serie Papas Fritas (Prerelease)

If I were to do a Top 10 list simply based off of the amount of a particular cigar I smoked in the past year,...
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Liga Privada Único Serie Velvet Rat

On October 19, 2012 Drew Estate held a special event at TESA Cigar Co. to sell Drew Estate’s newest Liga Privada for the first time,...
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