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New World

New World Dorado Corona

This summer, a short and slender corona vitola joined AJ Fernandez’s New World Dorado line.

AJ Fernandez Debuting New World Minis at PCA 2023

The original New World blend isn’t known for being offered in smaller sizes.

AJ Fernandez Teases New World Dorado

The New World line is getting its fifth extension, though the company isn’t saying much about the specifics thus far.

The Party Source Receives Limited Edition New World Oscuro Redondo Short Churchill

A new limited size of A.J. Fernandez’s New World line has arrived at The Party Source in Kentucky.

New World Double Corona

In 2014, Abdel Fernandez of AJ Fernandez developed a brand new blend with his father, Ismael, who had joined his son’s company after spending 17…

AJ Fernandez Adds New World Double Corona

The New World Oscuro by AJ Fernandez line has a new size beginning to arrive at retailers, a 7 1/2 x 55 double corona. Keeping…

New World Redondo Gets Full Release

The New World Redondo from AJ Fernandez is now a widespread release after debuting as an exclusive to retail members of the Tobacconists’ Association of…

New World Tins

While the general trend in cigars over recent years has been to go big, there are still cigar makers willing to go small, and in…

AJ Fernandez Adding Gordo to New World Connecticut

AJ Fernandez’s New World Connecticut is getting a new 6 x 60 gordo in August. It will be the fifth size for the line, which…

AJ Fernandez Ships New World Tins

A new small size of AJ Fernandez’s New World line is on its way to retailers, as the company has begun shipping the New World Tins….

New World Tins Heading to Cigar Marketplace in March

The smallest New World Size will only be available through Cigar Marketplace. A.J. Fernández will send a new 4 x 36 New World Tin vitola to…